Friday, September 28, 2007

Things are looking brighter!

Tonight marks the first night of a lighter, more jubilant season of life! The Office. For anyone who watches the Emmy award winning show, you know what I'm talking about. I seriously haven't laughed as hard as I did tonight since the finally of season 3. If you haven't watched it yet, rent the first season and watch it all the way through. You will be blessed! I guarantee it!

Here are some of my favorite quotes from tonight's season premiere:

Michael Scott:
Ladies and gentlemen, I have some bad news. Meredith was hit by a car. It happened this morning in the parking lot. I took her to the hospital and the doctors tried to save her.. life.. they did the best that they could.... and she is going to be OK.
Stanley: What is wrong with you? Why did you have to phrase it like that?
Oscar: So she's really going to be fine?
Michael Scott: Yes, she has a slight pelvical fracture, but people have survived far worse.
Pam: Thank God you were there.
Michael Scott: I know.
Andy Bernard: Did you see who did it?
Dwight Schrute: No need. We can just check the security tapes.
Michael Scott: Kind of good news bad news there. I was able to be on the scene so quickly because I was in the car that hit her.
Jim Halpert: Who was driving?
[Michael pauses and is speechless]
Pam: Oh Michael.

Michael Scott: Well, I ran down Meredith in my car.
Ryan Howard: Ohhhh, did you do this on purpose?
Michael Scott: No, I was being negligent, but she's in the hospital, she's fine, recovering nicely, tiny little crack in her pelvis, but she will be up in...
Ryan Howard: Did this happen on company property?
Michael Scott: Yes. It was on company property with company property. So, double jeopardy. We are fine.
Ryan Howard: I don't think you understand how jeopardy works.
Michael Scott: Oh, right. I'm sorry. What is "we're fine"?

Michael Scott: Guess what? I have flaws. What are they? Oh I don't know... I sing in the shower. Sometimes I spend too much time volunteering. Occasionally I'll hit somebody with my car. So sue me. No, don't sue me... that's the opposite of the point I'm trying to make.

Michael Scott: You know what they say in the Bible about forgiveness. Forgiveness is next to Godliness.

Michael Scott: Do I need to be liked? Absolutely not. I like to be liked. I enjoy being liked. I have to be liked. But it's not like this compulsive need to be liked. Like my need to be praised.
Michael Scott:
Why I'm taking responsibility, and it is up to me to get rid of the curse that hit Meredith with my car. I'm not superstitious, but I am a little sitious.

Michael Scott: Is there a God? If not, what are all these churches for? And who is Jesus' dad?

There are a TON more quotes worth memorizing from this episode! Check em out...HERE!
Thank You Lord for the next 13 weeks of The Office!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Now THAT'S Ghetto!

As you know, from Riley's Journey, My friend, Cat and I were in LA yesterday. After Riley's appointment, it was getting close to his bedtime, so instead of sitting down at a restaurant we decided to find the nearest drive through. So...we ended up at a Kentucky Fried Chicken really close to the freeway. We ordered our $2.99 meal deals and pulled up to the window. Upon arriving at the window, we see this:
If you can't figure it out, this is a picture of a steel box encasing a sheet of bulletproof glass. Fully equipped with a speaker box.

I'm not really sure what to do at this point. I look at Cat and we're both kind of confused and starting too look around kind of nervously. A man approaches the window and through the speaker box, I hear my total: "$7.19 please". I didn't know where to put it right away because I didn't want my 10 dollar bill to fly off of the tray. So I looked at the man, held out my money and he motioned for me to put it down on the I put it on the tray, and as he turned his little contraption around to take the money, my immediate instinct reaction was to put both my hands in the air so that the man knew I wasn't concealing any weapons. I looked at Cat, and she put her hands up too...just in case! Seconds later we saw this:
Our food and the change of course.

We SLOWLY drove away avoiding any quick movements. Then we decided to roll up our windows and lock the doors until we were completely out of the area!

now THAT'S ghetto!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Cameron Lee!!

The night before Cameron's birthday this year, I held him and told him about how at "this time" three years ago, mommy was crying in her bed because she was soooo excited and happy that her son, Cameron Lee Faiai would come in to the world the next day. I didn't tell him that I was also crying because I was SCARED TO DEATH about the day to come...labor, giving birth, the responsibility of caring for a baby for the next big chunk of my life!

I still really can't believe that day was 3 YEARS AGO! This boy has really changed my life forever. I don't think I could have asked for a sweeter son!

We didn't have a huge party for Cameron this year. We knew that he'd be just as happy with a few new toys, cake, and us telling him he was the birthday boy all day! He soaked it ALL in!

We spent some time with family, and went to the park with a couple of Cameron's friends. Here are some pictures that highlight Cameron's special day.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

All in Baby!

Today marks the first day of Steve's new 64 hour work week. He just got another job at Albertsons working with the night crew from 10pm-6am four days a week. He's actually really pumped and excited about this job. He LOVES meeting new people more than anyone I know and he just thrives working in an environment where he can tune the world out and just bust butt stocking merchandise while sweating his brains out! I can already guess that he'll come home tomorrow morning with new fantasy football league friends, small group bible study additions, and some kind of hook up at a restaurant nearby. I'm not kidding. He will.

As hard as it is not being able to see him as much as I'd like, I'm so proud of my husband. I don't think any other person in the WORLD could care about me and the boys as much as he does.

If you think about it, please pray that God would continue to give Steve strength. Also for rest between jobs. Thanks!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Vote for the Fro 2007

About this time every year, Steve and I are faced with the decision of whether or not to cut Cameron's hair. Since we're cheap and I don't know how to cut hair, we are narrowed down to two options. Option one is to let it keep growing and NOT cut it. Option two is to shave it all off. Since most of Cameron's charm lies within his boyant locks, we just don't know what to do, and are afraid the sweet curls might leave us forever.'s where YOU come in. Below is a picture of my newly 3 year old Cameron Lee and a poll. Please vote!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


For those of you who don't Blogline, please check out Riley's Journey for an update on my Riley boy.

Saturday, September 1, 2007


Officially too hot to sleep tonight. It's 1:30am, and as I toss and turn waiting for a breeze to come through my window, I decided to watch Ricky Bobby's prayer on Taladega Nights. Will Ferrel at his finest! Enjoy!