Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Man.

As I've been working all day today, I can't stop thinking about my husband and how incredibly blessed I am to have him. I really spend most of every day taking for granted EVERYTHING he does. So...although I could NEVER give enough credit, where credit is due, in this case, I figured that the least I could do is post about him and list 10 things that I really can't appreciate enough about him.

10. He does the laundry. ALL OF IT.
9. He cooks dinner.
8. He Does the dishes.
7. He manages our bills
6. He arranges babysitting
5. He does our taxes
4. He packs the boys' bags for wherever we go
3. He watches the boys A LOT (while I'm working or while I go out with friends)
2. He treats our marriage as sacred.
1. He gave me two of the most beautiful boys on earth.

As I stress myself out, constantly, worrying about our future and life together, Steve has been the catalyst that has sustained our family for the past 4 years . His faith, constant desire to read and learn, and his passion for us and other people, his desire to know God at a deeper level, and his sensitive spirit are traits that I wouldn't have even thought to pray for in a husband. Thank You, Lord for giving me this man and for making him not only my companion for life, but for making him the daddy of my two sons.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

At the Park

Went to the park with friends today! Riley's first time really interacting and getting sand in his hair! Here are some pictures from today!

That's Riley...WAYYYY in the background being neglected in the swing!

Riley, Emersen, Maddie, Rhett (kind of)

Riley and Emersen getting to know each other!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Grandpa's Jeep

I took these pictures on my phone this past weekend. Cameron really enjoys his grandpa's jeep, especially with his friend, Hailey!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Now... Who Decided On Having 2 Kids??

I know it wasn't me!
1. Shots
2. Crying
3. Whining
4. Colds
5. Coughs
6. Eczema
8. Potty Training (or lack there of)
9. Countless injuries and ER visits
10. baby sitters
12. So much stuff to carry from the car
14. Tired
15. impatient

During dinner tonight, Steve and I were on the couch eating our delicious Hamburger Helper. Cameron was in his high chair eating and Riley was sleeping in his play pen. And after about 2 bites of my dinner, Riley had already started crying hysterically and Cameron had managed to drop his fork and most of his dinner on the ground, at which point he started crying as well. I wanted to SCREAM!!
I looked over at Steve and he looked at me and I just had to tell him "This was YOUR idea." He smiled and told me it was mine...and we both kind of laughed.

After cleaning up, giving baths, brushing teeth and putting both boys to bed. Steve and I crashed on the couch and thought about how thankful we are for each other. Finally. Peace and quiet and a moment to reflect on our day... until Cameron comes out of his room wanting to put his pillow on the floor underneath us to lay down. He fell asleep within 2 minutes and we talked about how
1. Sweet
2. loving
3. unselfish
4. sensitive
5. kind
6. learning
7. trying
8. caring
9. unconditional
and how special and unique Cameron and Riley are.

Hard work... but
Definitely worth it all.

One of those nights...

Yep, you guessed it. It's 12:34am and...I'm awake! Not sure if it's the time change or what, but I just couldn't sleep any longer. Had a strong urge to check email and look on kgtv.com to find out what the weather will be like today! I'll have meetings the next couple of days, so I won't be able to enjoy this AMAZING heat wave until Thursday... when we play soccer, when actually, I hope it cools down. Something in me just doesn't sit right thinking about running our 15 suicides in a smoldering 97 degree heat.

Other Random Thoughts at 12:46am

This past Sunday, my Aunt Artie shared with me that reading this blog makes her sad because it makes her aware of how uninvolved she is in our lives. If you're reading this, Aunt Artie, please know that I love you and I'm thinking about you right now! You are more involved than you think!!

I am sooooo hungry. I feel like whipping up a delicious batch of Hamburger Helper right now! Mmmm! But I can't because we need that for dinner tonight! Maybe I'll eat a banana.
(after re-reading this section, I feel the need to let the record know that I'm NOT PREGNANT...God NO!)

Wish I could hang with my gals tomorrow. Have fun ladies!

Riley has an appointment at 10:00am this morning for his skin/eczema issue. I'm really, REALLY hoping they give him some sort of oral antibiotic. The whole "topical ointment" stuff just doesn't work for him.

Ok, well... I'm going to try to find something to eat and then go back to bed!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Vegas Debrief

Well...I'm sad to say...I had to leave Vegas. But the one REALLY cool thing about that is... I brought all of my friends back with me! On Thursday night, after we got home, I put the kids in bed, layed down and almost felt depressed to be home. Our 2 and a half day trip almost seemed like a break from life's reality. So, to be home and back to the norm was kind of frustrating to me.
Fortunately...what I realized is that VEGAS wasn't what made our trip "out of this world"...it was the intensely close time with friends and the "concentrated" community we had that made our rendezvous amazing. And... we still have that. I can't stop thanking God for every one of my friends that I get to do life with. He has truly blessed us with people that we wouldn't trade the world for. In the fun, exciting times and through the faith sucking, terrible days. They're here. We're here, living real life together, and for that...I'm truly thankful.

Here are some more pictures from our trip!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

We're Here!!!!

We're here and having a great time in beautiful Las Vegas!!!!!

Here are some pictures of us in fron of the Venetian and Treasure Island!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


That's where I'll be for the next 2 days!!!

- My husband
- No kiddo's
- Best Friends
- Slumber Party
- the Strip
- Great Food

Who could ask for more?!?!

We'll be gone until Thursday, March 8th.
Pictures to come!

Wish us luck!