Thursday, October 4, 2012

I'm NOT crazy!! I just want to feel better!

Six weeks ago, I was inspired by a coworker to start consuming more of the things my body needs, and NONE of the stuff it doesn't. For me, this meant cutting out all meat, dairy and processed foods from my diet. It also meant ADDING more natural foods, supplements, increased exercise and probiotics to infuse my body with everything it naturally lacks. My motive from the very beginning was not weight loss, or to be trendy, but just to FEEL BETTER everyday of my life!! By the end of every workday, every part of me was physically, emotionally, and mentally EXHAUSTED. The end of every workday is also the most influential, prime "mommy time" when my kids and my husband need my attention the MOST!!! Before I changed my diet, I would come home from work with barely enough energy to throw myself on my bed to just go to sleep. I started feeling like the crappiest mom in the world, not being able to give my boys the time, energy, and active love they desperately wanted from me when they come home from school. I knew I had to make something CHANGE, and finally had the inspiration and desire to DO IT! I thought it was going to be sooooo hard to cut out meat and dairy, and at the beginning, it was! But as I learn about my body and which foods/supplements make me feel good, it is becoming almost easy. I'm finally finding out which foods fill me up, without messing with my digestion. And I have a decreased desire to consume anything that might make me feel the way I used to! Naturally, weight loss and increased energy have been an encouraging by-product of these adjustments. In after only 6 weeks, I'm coming home EXCITED to hear about my kids' school day, help them with their homework, and dig into their backpacks to see all the progress they're making everyday!! They blow my MIND!!! Not really sure of my intent of writing this stuff out. Might just be for my own internal processing purposes, but I also feel the need to encourage my friends (whom I LOVE so much), in similar seasons of life, to learn, with me, about what our bodies need! Our battles with depression, or constant feeling of being tired or sad or angry or anxious, might NOT be our actual REALITY. There's a HUGE possibility (and HOPE) that our bodies are just lacking better nutrition! If that is truly the case, then the adjustments are SOOOO worth making!!

PS. Wine and a good beer with my girlfriends...still a very crucial part of my diet. :-)