Thursday, February 11, 2010

Crazy Little Thaang Called 'LOVE'.

I LOVE people. No question. But I often consider that one of my BIGGEST faults. After reading a lot about love this week, I'm realizing why it's such a flaw of mine. I've got 'LOVE' all twisted. backwards. misinterpreted.

I have no problem investing, trusting, and pouring my heart into the people I care about. But the problem with that has to do with my initial motive which provokes that kind of 'love'. A lot of the time (most of the time) after pouring into someone, I'm left empty, totally insecure and feeling like the love I give isn't being reciprocated.
Talk about 'looking for love in all the wrong places'!! This is where my view of who God is needs to change! Like NOW! If I understood the DEPTH of love the Father has for me, I wouldn't feel the need to squeeze it out of the people around me! And if I grasped that, then the love that I GIVE would be natural, flowing, a fruit of the Spirit, bearing NO hidden agenda or expectations! And I wouldn't feel empty after expending it.

I won't stop loving and investing in people. But I will start implementing more disciplined time acknowledging God's love for me. Seems like the root of every insecurity goes back to just some minor hiccups in my view of who God is. Putting this thinking process into action has already infused so much hope, peace, and freedom in this CRAZAY LOVER WOMANNNN!!!

New perspective!!! Love it when that happens!


Lindsay Jo said...

she's back!!!! yeah blogger... xo

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