Sunday, March 21, 2010


I LOVE MARCH! Between Steve's bday, March madness basketball (that makes him happy), the warmer temps, fun busy workdays, and just getting ready for summer, this month is awesome! We've been in a very transitional season of life for almost two years now. Feeling pretty aimless at times, but we've been mostly encouraged by the chance we've had to dive in to so much new opportunity.

We know that ultimately God is the one who guides every twist and turn of our lives. We also know that the season of life we're in is a result of a bunch of different choices we've made over the years. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between the two. I often ask myself things like "Is THIS circumstance one that God intended or one that is a result of a specific choice I made?" I'm sure people could argue both ways, and I believe that it's probably a combination of both, and could probably be swayed either way in a debate! What I've realized in recent weeks though, is... that debate is completely irrelevant to what God wants us to focus on right now. Every added up circumstance has put us in a new, raw, real and pivotal place. When I used to play softball, out in the field, we were always told to be on our toes in a ready stance to be able to easily move our body either way toward whichever direction the ball was hit. If we were flat on our feet, it was almost impossible to retreive the ball quick enough to make a play. I don't think I need to elaborate any more on the dorky illustration, but it's soooo true for me right now! I feel so ready, on my toes, primed and ready to receive WHATEVER direction God wants us to move in. Without everything that we've been through in the past couple of years, we'd be flat on our feet and going through the motions, and we'd most likely hate the thought of having to change anything. We are soooo excited about every glimpse of opportunity that God has given us! And I truly feel like we're in such a pivotal, ready stance, that we CAN make any move or change quickly and swiftly. I think this realization is, for a fact, God's intention of why we are where we are! I've never been more anxious and ready to see what he has in store. I know there are always going to be things that I'm naturally going to squirm and whine at having to change, but for what it's worth, I'm ready. And I'm thankful, so thankful to be where I am...ready for anything!

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